Don’t just leave a legacy. Build one.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

NBC Securities is a full-service, independent broker/dealer and registered investment advisor that provides investment services to retail and institutional clients. We offer financial advice and solutions through a diverse menu of investment products and services.

Let's Talk About What's Next

The actions we take and the decisions we make today will have an indelible impact on the lives of the people we love and those we leave behind. Do you believe that? Let us help you plan for what’s next. Request an appointment with one of our trusted advisors today.

The Team

Meet our legacy builders.

NBC Securities and our independent brokers partner with clients to strategize, establish, and grow more than lasting wealth; we help build legacies. Our trusted and established industry leaders are augmented by additional team members who, like us, are focused on clients first.

Todd R. Kurzhal

Financial Consultant, Senior Vice President

Trevor J. Kurzhal

Sales Assistant

Our Process

Our mission is to help your legacy thrive.

Our process is quite simple: We start by getting to know you, your family, your hopes and goals for the future; and then, we get to work making those things happen. Period.

Before the day dawns or twilight of the evening gives way, our guiding standard compels our every action. Those actions are discerned by the first and last thought–how can we add value to our clients and employer? This reality drives us to understand the primary and overall elements of our clients’ financial intentions. We understand intentions may be complicated, needing various focused sessions, or a less complicated, needing a single transaction. Whether seemingly complex or not, it is purely our pleasure to assist in every way we are able


Financial strategy
“Adding value” isn’t a catch phrase for our team. We genuinely seek to improve our clients’ financial understanding after learning their intentions. Learning our clients’ intentions and goals improves our success rate when developing personalized plans. Planning is also a never-ending process because life events may facilitate a change in goals, like having a child, job relocation, or early retirement. Nevertheless, we have experienced most all of these changes personally through our cumulative lives and have generational experience and education to navigate through to our focused objective—adding value.
Specific areas of focus include:
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Asset Allocation
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Estate Planning
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Life Insurance
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Tax Efficiency
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Retirement Planning
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College Planning

Why NBC Securities

Our financial consultants average over 20 years of industry experience.

NBC Securities is an employee-owned advisory firm committed to building relationships as we build wealth and help our clients achieve their financial goals.

We’re not just financial advisors. We’re legacy builders.

Our goal is to provide a remarkable experience for the people we serve, so that the legacies of our families, friends, and neighbors are enabled and empowered to reach their full potential.

Realizing potential is the difference between making an impact and making a difference. Being a legacy builder means developing true relationships and creating meaningful connections that extend beyond a handshake or a year-end report. We genuinely care for the lives we touch and the lives they touch, every day.

When asked “Why NBC Securities?” all we have to do is look to our people. Each team member at NBC Securities shares the same goal: to help our clients reach theirs. It’s as simple as that. Contact us today to see how NBC Securities can better prepare you and your loved ones for what’s next, now!

Let us help you plan for what’s next. Speak with an advisor.


Partnering with NBC Securities allows clients access to some of the most experienced and respected money managers in the country.

Our independent advisors are trained to assess a client’s goals and objectives first — to gain the knowledge necessary to provide advice, counsel, and recommendations from a wide choice of investment alternatives.

We will assist you through the following products and services:
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Advisor Portfolio Services
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Asset Management
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Business Alliance Program
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Professional Asset Management
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Retirement Plans

Let us help you plan for what’s next. Speak with an advisor.

Financial health and wealth services to help your legacy thrive.

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